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Spektrum Blank Sonnenbrille - Black - Grey

Die Blank bietet ein Höchstmaß an leichtem Schutz und Komfort mit einer optimierten Linsenform, um schädliche Strahlen zu stoppen, bevor sie Ihre Netzhaut erreichen. Die Blank liegt dicht am Kopf und ist auf Geschwindigkeit ausgelegt. Der aktive Einsatz, sei es beim Laufen, Radfahren oder Klettern, ist ideal für längeren Gebrauch an hellen und sonnigen Tagen. Dieses Objektiv bietet visuellenSchutz vor starken Reflexionen und bietet den größten visuellen Komfort und natürliche Wahrnehmung ohne Farbverzerrung. Die Basiskontrastlinse Zeiss Braun ist ideal für sonnige bis bewölkte Tage und bietet die beste visuelle Darstellung, Kontrast, Brillanz der Farben und Bilddefinition in einer Bergumgebung.

  • Performance lens from Carl Zeiss with ultimate UV-protection and maximum clarity
  • Bio-Based Resin Polyamid Frame
  • Rubberized non-slip fully adjustable temples
  • Exchangeable rubber nosepads (2 sizes) for optimized fit
  • Multi-layer mirror, Ri-Pel water repellant and anti-scratch lens coatings
  • Extremely impact resistant lens
  • Micro fiber pouch
  • Exchangeable lens system



Ideal for prolonged usage under bright sunny days. This lens offers visual protection from high reflections, Equal distribution of the light: the light goes through the eye in the same amount without specific color peaks. This enables a balanced and neutral color perception and visual comfort.

"image shows how to change lenses on Blank"


Three sets of lenses available. We want our eyewear to be as versatile as possible and offer exchangeable lenses from Carl Zeiss for all our models. You can find lenses for bright and sunny conditions as well as high contrast versions for cloudy days and optimized performance all with unrivaled durability, clarity and protection.


Rubberized and fully adjustable temple tips to ensure a great fit. The copper core is bendable to your desired shape and provides long lasting performance and comfort.

To ensure a perfect fit with a wide variety of faces our performance eyewear comes with exchangeable rubber nose pads. Two pairs are included with every model to accommodate both wider and more narrow fits in the best possible way.

The hypoallergenic rubber sleeve makes sure your shades stay in place when the going gets tough.

"image shows the optimized fit"


Spektrum’s high-performance frames are made mainly from castor oil and reduces the overall CO2 emissions by an impressive 46% compared to conventional materials. The carbon in castor oil is also 100% derived from atmospheric CO2 and not from CO2 locked in ancient fossils. Our bio-based material is also lighter and more durable than comparable materials delivering increased performance and comfort.

Castor beans are a fantastic crop, able to thrive in meager soils where other plants won’t survive, or animals can graze.

The castor beans are fully traceable, sustainably grown in India and poses no competition with food, causes no deforestation or use any GMO.

"image of 46 % reduced overall CO2 Emission - bio-based frames"

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